Senior Isolation Workshop

According to 2016 Census, the number of one-person households has surpassed that of all other types of living arrangements.  The English-speaking seniors of Quebec face greater challenges than the majority-language population as their ability to gain services in their official language is not always guaranteed and the out-migration of friends and family means a narrower circle of support during times of ill-health or crisis.  This, in turn, leads to a higher degree of isolation amongst an already vulnerable senior population.  In collaboration with the Father Dowd Foundation, the ESCC will be hosting a workshop on Friday, November 24th which will showcase the pilot project of Senior’s Action Quebec  entitled GPS (Getting to Programs and Services).  In the afternoon, the Council will host Elder Law specialist, Ann Soden.  Seniors will be invited to attend to listen to Ann and to ask their own questions regarding legal issues that apply specifically to them. 

This workshop will take place at the New Hope Senior Citizen’s Centre in NDG.  Would you like more information?  Give us a call or drop us a line at the Council offices’.

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