ESCC issues statement on Bill 21

On May 13, the ESCC participated in a “People’s Hearing” on the topic of Bill 21 (An Act Respecting the laicity of the State).  Coalition Inclusion, a group that came together in the early spring to oppose the proposed legislation, organized the event in order to give organizations an opportunity to express their opinion of the bill.  Coalition Inclusion was one of the few groups representing the views of people of faith which were included in the six days of hearings held at the National Assembly.  The government wrapped up its hearings last week with many groups and individuals feeling that the hearings have not adequately represented the voices of concern regarding Bill 21.  As they went to testify at the hearings on May 16, the team from Coalition Inclusion were able to bring with them the statements and briefs of those who participated in the “People’s Hearings.” The Council submitted it’s statement at the May 13th alternative hearings and Anna Farrow, Executive Director of the ESCC, spoke before the panel of four: dean of McGill faculty of law Robert Leckey, Liberal MNA David Birnbaum, Québec solidaire MNA Vincent Marisal and lawyer Perri Ravon.  Read more about the alternative hearings in the Montreal Gazette.  

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